Accurate color. All the time.

With C3 Color Canister Conversion System, your favorite hair color line is now the most efficient hair color line.

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What is the Color Canister Conversion (C3) system?

A custom-engineered system to dispense "the color line that comes in a can" more accurately and efficiently. The traditional can dispensing system is made even more efficient. Here's what to expect:

Save money

No more costly "leftover color" waste with the C3 nozzle system.

Save time

Faster cleanups and color (distribution) mean you and your team save time.

More accurate color

Get perfect color formula results with digital scale measurements.

It's simple and straightforward

Upgrade your existing color line

...So how do you clean them out?

Cleaning is a breeze with these nozzles!! Let's say you find yourself with a clogged nozzle on a canister that you don't use very often.... or perhaps you decide to switch the nozzle over to different color canister and you need to clear out the older color..... simply attach a color bottle full of water to the end of the nozzle and flush the water through! Out comes the old color and you are ready to go with your next canister!

Ready for your own C3 nozzle system?

Transform the way your salon does hair coloring. Save time, money, and product with a simple nozzle swap. Get yours below.

  • Accurate Color.

  • All the Time.

Accurate Color.

All the Time.

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Cheryl T.

Omg!! Game changer!!

Alexis A.

We have these at our salon and the are super handy!!

David P.

Safety Disclaimer:

When installing or changing out nozzles onto canister, ensure that the nozzle and canister are facing in a safe direction away from face or clothing. Contents within hair color canister are under pressure and hair color may come out through the nozzle when nozzle is initially being installed. Humphrey Solutions is not responsible for injury or damage cause by improper installation of nozzle.